C2C provides a number of different services at negotiable rates. Primary services are listed below. If you are interested in partnering with C2C for your distribution needs, please contact us using the contact form here.

Internet Distribution

C2C will make your distributions to major internet sites a breeze. We provide distribution to a number of sites and networks including those under the Mind Geek and WGCZ brands. We will work with you to optimize performance in key regions where your customers can be found.

Illegal Hosting Takedowns and DMCA Notices

C2C works hard to ensure a client’s product is not appropriated and monetized illegally where the client does not benefit. We make an active effort to serve DMCA takedown requests and to elevate efforts when DMCA takedowns no longer work.

Payment Distributions and Transfers

C2C provides a number of options to ensure you receive your money. If we collect revenues on your behalf, we will see that you receive it. We offer services for wire transfer, bank transfer, crypto payments, and others.

Editing and Clipping

If you do not have product that is tube ready we provide editing services for previews, ads, images, and other material.